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The Russian Markets

Linda and I had previously visited the Russian Markets but hadn’t taken many photos. I wanted to return and take some photos to show just how eclectic and congested this market is. Linda wanted to buy some clothes to supplement her wardrobe for her longer stay in Cambodia.

It is a Monday afternoon – a slow day and by the afternoon hot, humid and airless.

Linda looking at clothes
Linda posing in her new dress - worn over her jeans. There are no changing rooms here!
Buddhist artifacts
All you need to repair or build a motorbike
Sausages - note the seller in the hammock
Hand made jewelry (front right), motorbike parts (left) and man grinding coconuts in food store (in rear through opening)

I haven’t shown DVDs, electronics, bags, shoes, silk, art, stationary, take-away packaging, armored guard at the jewelry store (didn’t think it was wise to take his photo he had a semiautomatic) etc, etc. Yes it is all here at the Russian Markets.