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Rainbows and Eskimos

The weather was forecast to be light winds with a shower or two and a high of 21ºC. High tide was 1.8m at 06:44 with low of 0.34m at 13:06. We planned to paddle from Glenora St, Wynnum to Green Is and back; on the water at 8am and back by 11am. If the tide was too low on return we could use the concrete ramp in the creek rather than the sand ramp on the bay side. That was the plan.

Ashley joined us to try out his new (used) kayak. He hadn’t tried it out on open waters and this was a chance to do so with some company.

A sunny start
We had a sunny start and Ashley’s boat showed its fine lines.

Double bow
A double rainbow brought hints of wet weather on the way.

Brilliant rainbow
The brilliance of the rainbow was something special to see.

Landing at Green Is
We arrived at Green Island after a fair passage.

Coffee and nibbles were interrupted by increasing raindrops.

Grey rain
By the time we set off for the return to Wynnum I needed to set up the GPS. We were “greyed out” and couldn’t see the mainland.

Ashley greyed out
Not sure that Ashley expected this 🙂

Back in the creek
However we did return safely to Wynnum and paddled up the creek, as the tide in the bay was now quite low.

Ashley tries Eskimo role
Ashley though he’d show off his skills with an Eskimo roll …
Nice try but fatigue got the better of him
but fatigue got the better of him!

A fair adventure for a Saturday morning. Thanks for joining us Ashley.