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The Nutcracker

We went to The Nutcracker ballet in Adelaide, so after dinner on Peter’s birthday Isaac and Nathan organised this performance. They had spent the day preparing the props and reminding us of our parts.

Luke Page - Uncle Drosselmeyer

Uncle Drosselmeyer comes to the party and gives Clara the Nutcracker doll.

Leah Page - Clara


Toys dancing

At midnight the toys around the tree come to life and dance.

Isaac - Nutcracker, Nathan - soldier, Peter - Mouse King

The Nutcracker leads the soldiers in a battle with the mouse army.

The death scene

The Mouse King and the Nutcracker battle but the Mouse King is too strong. The Mouse King is then killed when Clara throws her shoe.

Clara in the sleigh

The Nutcracker turns into a prince and takes Clara to the Land of Snow where they watch the dance of the snowflakes.

The final dance

He then takes her to the Land of Sweets where they eat food and watch dances from different countries.
When Clara wakes up all the toys are around the Christmas tree.

The performers bow to long and loud applause